Visual Development Portfolio

only the end of the world again - Character design project

Designs of the main characters in a 2D adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short story set in a small Lovecraftian town

Above: character lineup — The main character, a werewolf, and three supporting characters, worshippers of an elder sea god

Above: main character turnaround and expression sheet

Cypher Drive - Expression Sheet

Expression sheet created for the main characters of Cypher Drive as an intern at Cinema Chef Productions

Cassidy - character Design

Part of a design challenge to combine the ideas “cowboy” and “umbrella” into one character

Above: final character design


The legend of ikend - character design project

Personal project — development of various original characters in a high fantasy setting

Above: pencil sketches and character turnaround

Right: character portrait

Left: costume and tattoo exploration — early designs focused on clothes suitable for a desert environment

Far Right: the final design draws inspiration from jesters to show her chaotic nature, combined with armor suitable for combat

Above: design of a shady but fun-loving pirate from another world

Right: details

SOMNUM - visual development project

I created and developed art for a game taking place in a surreal fantasy world shaped by dreams

Above: social media header displaying the world and characters. All elements were painted on separate layers, allowing elements to be rearranged to fit different sizes

Above: silhouettes and color studies

Right: final character design

Above: silhouettes and color studies

Left: final character design


Top Row: journal, feather, potion

Bottom Row: pouch (closed/opened), map


life drawing

1-10 minute life drawings

digital painting

Above: 40 minute life drawing

Top Middle: lighting study

Bottom Middle: character portrait

Far Right: portrait painting