Concept Art

skateboard fixed small.jpg

Somnum: Personal Project

Taking a Concept Art class I created and developed art for a theoretical game throughout the semester. This game takes place in a surreal world shaped by dreams, loosely inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and his two siblings who control dreams. The visuals are inspired by forest animals mixed with aquatic elements to create an alien-like fantasy world.

Main Character Design

A bird-like humanoid, this is one of the three playable characters in this game who possesses the ability to fly and shapeshift, creating perfect human impersonations.



A minor character and native inhabitant of Somnum dreamworld.

World Map

Layout of Somnum. The world is divided into two spheres, the Somnum Exterreri and Somnia Imperii, The land of Nightmares and the land of Dreams.

Somnum Map for web.jpg

User Interface

Concepts for buttons and ability meters.