Character Design

Somnum Main Design

A bird-like humanoid, this is one of the three main characters in a personal project who possesses the ability to fly and shapeshift, creating perfect human impersonations.


Kriza Orevein

A mischievous but helpful character who worships a goddess of luck.
In her designs I played with showing her chaotic nature through jester-inspired clothes, while wearing armor suitable for a healer in battle.



An original character who heals people with music and charms them out of their money. Left is her character portrait. Below is her design and expression sketches.


Dreamworld Creature

Minor character in an ongoing personal project. A native inhabitant of a surreal dreamworld.

Vidryn the Swashbuckling Rogue

An elven pirate from another world. I wanted to give her a design that had a swashbuckler feel, but showed that she could still be sneaky, with elements of her elven heritage showing through.

Cassidy Character Design for web.jpg


Part of a character design exercise combining two objects. I chose to combine “cowboy” and “umbrella.”